Manage genders

I this section, we will guide you how to define genders for your dating site. For each gender, how to map it with others for matching purpose.

  1. Go to Admin panel -> Plugin manager -> Gender manager
  2. Click on “Add new” to create a new gender. Ex: Man looking for women, Man looking for gay, Women looking for man
  3. After all of desired genders are created, it’s time to do mapping. Mapping is very importance to allow system to suggest correct genders to your member based on their profile preference.

Ex: “Man looking for women” mapped with “Women looking for man”, if your profile reference is “Man looking for women”, “age from 18-> 30″, “From USA” and “Im here to chat”. You only can see members who are “Women looking for man”, “age from 18-> 30″, “From USA” and “I’m here to chat”. You can’t see people who are not matched wit your profile preference.

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Last Updated On May 10, 2023