How does admin manage contests?

Admin can manage contests with actions as: search, approve, publish, feature,… Follow this tutorial for more detail.

1. Go to Admin Control Panel.
2. At Plugins Manager sidebar >> click on Contests.


You can search by:

  • Enter title.
  • Select category.
  • Disable or enable feature.



1. Contest ID.

2. Contest type: Photo, music or video.

3. Contest name.

4. Approve status: you can change approve status here (approved, pending or denied).

5. Contest status: you can change contest status here (draft, published, closed).

6. Contest owner.

7. Contest category.

8. Auto approve entry: yes or no.

9. Feature or not feature contest.

10. Contest created date.

11. Action: delete contest.

Last Updated On August 29, 2022