How to add a new feeling group and status?

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to add more feeling group categories and feeling status to the Feeling plugin.


Access to Admin Dashboard => Plugin Manager => Feeling => General



Click the Add New button to add new category group => show pop-up.



Fill in blank fields:

       (1) Enter group title.

       (2) Click here to upload group image.

       (3) Check on the check box to enable this category group.

=> Click the Save button. The category group has been saved successfully.



Your category group is currently empty. To add a sub-status for this group, follow the steps below:

Step 1: At the General tab, click the Sub Status => Go to the Feeling Status tab.



Step 2: Click the Add New button => show pop-up.



Step 3: Fill in blank fields:

          [1] Enter status.

          [2] Select type (Default/Link).

          [3] Upload image.

          [4] Check here to enable feeling status.

=> Click the Save button. The Feeling Status has been successfully added.




Select type with Link [2]:



Select type with Default [2]:



Enjoy it.

Last Updated On September 26, 2022