How to add custom fields for Listing Categories?

Custom fields are a useful feature that allows you to add additional data/information to your posts. This article will show you how to add these extra fields to a category.

There are two ways for adding new fields to a listing category.

(1) Access Admin Dashboard => Plugins Manager => Classifieds => Categories tab



Click the down arrow => select Manage Fields option on the drop-down list => Go to Manage Category Fields page.



Click Add New Field button => show pop-up.



Fill in these fields:

         [1] Field Name: enter text.

         [2] Category: select Property Category

         [3] Field Type: select field type

         [4] Description: enter the content.

         [5] Required checkbox: tick here to make this category field is a mandatory field.

         [6] Searchable checkbox: tick here to allow members to use the search and filter functions with this category field.

         [7] Active checkbox: tick here to enable the field.

         [8] Order: enter number to arrange the field position on list.

=> Click the Save button. The Fields have been saved successfully.




(2) Access Admin Dashboard => Plugins Manager => Classifieds => Fields tab



Click the Add New Field button=> show pop-up.



Fill in the blank fields in the same way (1) => Click the Save button.




The custom fields will be visible when members choose a category on the Post New Listing page.


Last Updated On September 28, 2022