How to buy credit package?

1. Back-end:

Access to Admin Dashboard –> Plugin Manager –> Credit Plugin

1. Create new packages:

– On Credit packages page, admin creates a new package

– Input Credit value and Price value to popup

– Save changes for a new package. Admin can edits/ deletes package

2. Admin add PayPal account to make the payment process

– Admin goes to the Settings page

– Admin will be received money by inputting Paypal account on Paypal Email field (*) when site’s members buy a credit package

– (**) ‘Test mode’ checkbox is un-checked: Paypal live mode

‘Test mode’ checkbox is checked: Paypal sandbox mode

3. Admin can view transactions by view Manage Transactions page

2. Front-end:

– Site’s members access to a site

– Go to Credit plugin by clicking on ‘Credit’ menu OR inputting URL to browser

– On Buy Credits widget, click on Buy Credits! button

– Choose the wished package, click on Pay with Paypal button to make the payment process

– Complete the payment process, return to the site.

– Member checks the newly added credit on the Credits page.

Last Updated On May 11, 2018