How to configure twilio gateway for sms verification plugin and sign up/in with phone number plugin

Step 1: Gp to Twiilo website

Step 2: Sign up a new account or log in with existing account

Step 3: Go to console dashboard and follow steps to verify phone number (skip this step if you already veified)

Step 4: Go to here to create a new project

Step 5: After creating a new project, go to here to select country list

Step 6: Go back to console dashboard, and click on “Upgrade Project” to buy full sms service

Step 7: You can find “ACCOUNT SID” and “AUTH TOKEN” (LIVE Credentials) here

Step 8: Go to moosocial admincp, expend “Plugins Manager”, then select “Sms Verify” or “Phone Signup”, click on “Gateway” tab, click “Edit” from Twillo row and input all settings

From: input phone number which is registered from Twillo

Sid: input “ACCOUNT SID” from Twillo

Token: input “AUTH TOKEN” from Twillo

Last Updated On May 10, 2020