How to post a new listing by choosing a package ?

Classified plugin allows members to post listings by purchasing Classified Packages. Following the steps below to know how to post a new listing.

Go to Classified => Click on the Post New Listing field or Post New Listing button.


Choose the package for the listing.


Go to the Post a new listing page.


Fill in the blank fields:

      [1] Select category.

      [2] Enter the listing name.

      [3] Enter the listing details.

      [4] Enter the brand.

      [5] Describe the condition of the item.

      [6] Select payment method.

      [7] Enter the price.

      [8] Enter the number of available items.

      [9] Enter location.

      [10] Enter hashtags.

      [11] Upload the thumbnail.

      [12] Upload images.

      [13] Choose the privacy for the post. 

=> Click the Save button. The listing has been posted successfully.


Last Updated On July 25, 2022