How to use Censored Words plugin?

Protect your site today from profanity, explicit or inappropriate content, and abusive terms with our easy-to-use plugin.

Censored Words Plugin also has a built-in feature which actively scans your ENTIRE site (all comments, replies and posts), flagging specific words that are implicit in the content policy and censoring them with predefined characters. With easy-to-use configuration options, you’ll be up and running protecting your site in no time.

Follow this guide to know how to use Censored Words plugin.

Access to Admin Dashboard => Plugin Manager => Censored Words

1. Censored Word Enable: tick on to enable the plugin

2. Enable for under: enter age limit will apply the censored word

3. Email Recipient(s) User Name: enter usernames will receive a list of items with censored words via email

4. Not registered user, enter email: enter email to receive a list of items with censored words (separated by commas)

5. Default Word Replacement: enter a default word to replace the inappropriate words

6. Censor Words List: list of words to be censored (separated by a new line)

7. Save Settings


The censored word will be shown like this:


Last Updated On June 22, 2023