How to use Magic Page plugin?

  • Login to admin dashboard
  • Go to plugin manager > magic page plugin
  • Create New Page
  • Enter page title, page alias, page meta keyword and description and select page permission
  • Select Blank Page Layout or pre-defined layout to customize. We will release new pre-define landing pages as paid plugin then you can purchase to add them into library.
  • Save Page
  • Click edit page layout to edit a page you created
  • There is pre-defined positions that you can add or remove a widget
  • Click add widget to add new widget to the the area you want. If you’re developer, you can customize to add more widget into the list.
  • Click configure button to modify the appearance of the widget you just added
  • It’s auto saved. You can close the browser and view your page
  • You can add your new page to a menu using page alias (
  • You can also map to the system page: Landing page, Error Page and Site Offline Page by go to mapping and assign your page to these pages.  Ex: you created a new landing page and want system open that page when member visit your webiste. You need to go “mapping” section and select page you created at “Landing page” field to map. Save changes then go back to front end to check again.
Last Updated On October 10, 2021