mooSocial Update

mooApp 1.6 is released and lunar new year 2022 discount


mooApp 1.6 is released, below are changes and improvements

  • Upgraded to support AndroidX
  • Added a setting into mooApp plugin to allow admin to hide/show the “what’s new” box. If it’s hidden, members will see the “+” icon, click on it to open the box to share a post. If it’s not hidden, it will work as it’s now
  • Fixed overlay issue
  • Improve video player on mobile app
  • Added some changes to make apps compatible with version 3.1.5 and 3.1.6
  • Updated terms and conditions text at sign up screen (add policies link )
  • In-app purchased supported
  • Integrated with LIVE streaming plugin

Below are some importance notes for the new versions:

  • New version is available to download at client area
  • All of the paid plugins are compatible with mobile apps 1.6 and core 3.1.6/3.1.5 version.
  • Mobile apps version 1.6 is compatible with 3.1.5 and 3.1.6 versions.
  • Paid themes: all themes are now compatible with 3.1.5/3.1.6 version

DO NOT upgrade your live site and app until you have a full backup of your site’s files, database and have successfully performed a test upgrade on your development (test) site first.

To celebrate the Lunar New Year, we have an exciting offer for you, all of our products are running at a huge discount of 15%.

Coupon code: lunarnewyear22, Expire on 09 feb, 2022

mooSocial Team

mooSocial 3.1.6 release


We are pleased to announce the release of mooSocial 3.1.6. The 3.1.6 version includes the fixed found bugs from 3.1.5 and some small improvements..

Below are Change Log / Updates

  • Fixed found bugs from 3.1.5
  • Add option in system setting for site admin to upload site favicon
  • Add one more google api key setting to allow admin to restrict google api key to ensure your Google Maps Platform account is secure. The setting can be accessed hereSystem Admin -> System Settings -> Google API key (server side). More details about the google api key restrictions can be found here 
  • Merge patch files from plugins into core 3.1.6

The following plugins need to be updated to be able to run with new map api key settings, please download latest version of the plugins at client area to upgrade if you want to upgrade both site and plugins to 3.1.6

  • Classified 
  • Business
  • Property
  • Job
  • Who near me

mooSocial Team

mooSocial 2.2.0 – The fastest, lightest, features packed social network software.

mooSocial 2.2.0 is here! We are glad to announce the availability of the Final Release. It is better than ever!!!  mooSocial is a lighter, faster, mobile-friendly (responsive web design), features packed social network software. Since 2.1.x, there have been a lot of transformations and improvements. Not only that, mooSocial now supports Add-ons which will greatly expand its capabilities. With third parties’ plugins and themes, there will be endless possibilities for your website. With mooSocial, your social network website will be what you have imagined.