mooApp 1.6 is released and lunar new year 2022 discount


mooApp 1.6 is released, below are changes and improvements

  • Upgraded to support AndroidX
  • Added a setting into mooApp plugin to allow admin to hide/show the “what’s new” box. If it’s hidden, members will see the “+” icon, click on it to open the box to share a post. If it’s not hidden, it will work as it’s now
  • Fixed overlay issue
  • Improve video player on mobile app
  • Added some changes to make apps compatible with version 3.1.5 and 3.1.6
  • Updated terms and conditions text at sign up screen (add policies link )
  • In-app purchased supported
  • Integrated with LIVE streaming plugin

Below are some importance notes for the new versions:

  • New version is available to download at client area
  • All of the paid plugins are compatible with mobile apps 1.6 and core 3.1.6/3.1.5 version.
  • Mobile apps version 1.6 is compatible with 3.1.5 and 3.1.6 versions.
  • Paid themes: all themes are now compatible with 3.1.5/3.1.6 version

DO NOT upgrade your live site and app until you have a full backup of your site’s files, database and have successfully performed a test upgrade on your development (test) site first.

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mooSocial Team