Add a Product

If you’re using Store version 2.9 or above, please read this

The first condition, you are a seller. And admin added the store categories for a product.

 Have 2 methods to access to create product page:

1. Go to Store plugin –> Click on Create product button

2. Click on Seller Manager icon –>  Products menu –>  Create product

Create new product:

1. Go to Create product page – General tab

– Check on ‘Enable’ to show the product on the Products page

– Input data to all required filed (*)

– Product Code is not duplicated with other products on site

– Have 3 product type:

  • Regular product
  • Digital product: the seller can upload a file that buyer can download. Allow extensions are managed by site’s admin.
  • link product: the seller can input URL that buyer can view.

– Optional fields are not required.

2. Images tab

– The seller can upload many product images

– Order/ Enable/ Disable/ Delete the product images

– Choose an image to make the main product photo.

3. Video tab

– Seller can upload many videos to product

– Order/ Enable/ Disable/ Delete the product videos

4. Others tab

– Out of stock: cannot add to cart with the ‘out to stock’ product

– Check on ‘Allow share’, ‘Allow comment’, ‘Allow review’ to allow users share, comment, review on this product.

– Warranty: enter info to display on the product detail page.

– Weight (kg): info of product and this info will affect to ‘Weight Based Shipping’ on Manage Shipping page.

– Allow promotion: the promotional discount will be shown on the selected period when buyer visits/buys the product.

5. Attributes tab

  1. Click on ‘Add attribute’ button to add
  2. On the popup, click ‘Add’ button to display attributes. A seller can choose/ remove an attribute, add a number of an attribute.
  3. Select to add attributes
  4. Display the selected attributes

6. Click on Apply/ Save button to complete the creation product process

– The enabled products are displayed on the Products page

– On Manage Products page, Sellers manages: edit, delete, enable/ disable, feature products.

Hope it helps.

Last Updated On January 27, 2022