How to create and manage badges?

This article will walk you through the creation and management of badges.

(Back-end) Go to Question => Badges tab.


Click on Add New button => show pop-up


Fill in the blank fields:

             (1) Name: enter the text.

             (2) Background Color: enter or select a background color.

             (3) Text Color: enter or select a text color.

             (4) Point: enter the score.

             (5) Permission: check on the Badge permission checkbox.

=> Click the Save button. The badge has been saved successfully.



Go to Question => Badges: You’ll see the badge you just created on this tab.


When site members get enough points, they will have a badge.


If member does not earn enough points, he or she will be warned while taking action.


How to modify the default scores of the Point System?

The Question and Answer plugin allows members can collect points when creating questions, posting answers, voting and so on.

1Points system on the Badges tab

The Site Admin can modify the Points System’s default scores by following the steps below:

1/ (Back-end) Go to Question => Question Settings tab.


2/ Enter the score you want to change into these fields: [1], [2], [3], [4], [5] 

=> Click the Save Settings button.


3/ (Front-end) Go to Question => Badges tab

The Points System has successfully changed.


How to create a new question ?

You can use the Question & Answer plugin to create a complete Question and Answer system for your site, similar to Quora or Stackoverflow. This article will walk you through the process of creating a question.

Click on Create a new question button on the Question Browse page.


Go to Create Question page


Input data to these fields:

           [1] Enter title.

           [2] Enter the description.

           [3] Click here to upload attachment files (photos, documents,..)

           [4] Select category. 

           [5] Upload the thumbnail.

           [6] Choose the privacy for the post.

           [7] Enter hashtags.

=> Click the Save button. The question has been added successfully.


How to vote for questions and answers ?

This short guide will walk you through the best way to leave a vote for a question and answer via the Q&A plugin.

On the Question detail page: 

          (1) Click the up-arrow to upvote a question/answer.

          (2) Click the down-arrow to downvote a question/answer.


How to post an answer to question?

This tutorial will show you how to post answers to questions.

Go to the Question detail page for which you want to post an answer.


              (1) Enter your answer in the answer box.

              (2) Click here to upload attachment files (photos, documents,..)

=> Click the Post answer button. Your answer has been posted successfully.