How to enable Business option to check in and set the business default distance when searching?

Beside checking in by address, the system allows user checking in by business address. Follow the steps below to do it.

Access to Admin Dashboard => Plugin Manager => Checkin.

A. Enable Business option to check in



Show type: member can check-in with business address when All or Business only option is checked.

(Note: the mandatory condition is Business plugin is installed and enabled).

  • All is checked, will show dropdown with 2 options: Address and Business options.



  • Business only is check, will show:



B. Set the business default distance when searching



1. Search business default distance (mile): Enter the number for distance (mile) to search business.

Note: The default distance is calculated from the device’s positioning, so you have to allow site to access your location.

2. Limit businesses searched by distance: Choose Yes to to limit Business in the set distance above (1. Search business default distance setting) when member checks in with Business address.


Last Updated On October 19, 2022