How to start my own social network site with mooSocial cloud

Please follow the below steps to start your own social network site with mooSocial cloud

1. Visit

2. Click on “Try it” or “Buy Now” button to start sign up process

Screenshot at Dec 31 10-05-29

3. Enter your account info and site information

Screenshot at Dec 31 10-05-56

4. Click on “Start my site” to submit request. System will send you an email, you need to verify your email to continue

Screenshot at Dec 31 10-11-03


Screenshot at Dec 31 10-10-35

5. After email is verified, you need to wait a few minutes for system to process to setup your site. You will get an email notification if your site is LIVE

Screenshot at Dec 31 10-17-38

6. Your site now is ready to use, you can follow “step-by-step” guide here to start configuring your site to make it works and looks follow your needs.  If you have any question, please contact us

You can upgrade your trial plan to official plan follow the guide here

Last Updated On December 30, 2021