mooSocial Cloud – Step-by-Step Guide

After your site is active, please follow Step-by-Step Guide here to setup your community to make it works and looks follow your needs

  1. How to start my own social network site using mooSocial cloud
  2. How to login to admin panel of your website
  3. Why and how to to clear global cache when make changes in admin dashboard. 
  4. Do general settings like Change site name, site description, site keyword, set default timezone, default language….
  5. Set up SMTP to send notification & invite friends email
  6. Add Google Developer Key Or Enable OpenStreetMap
  7. Change Powered by info at footer, mooSocial Logo and favicon icon
  8. Change max upload file size
  9. Enable Spam Protection with reCaptcha 
  10. Setup Facebook & Google Login button
  11. Change content of about us, site policies, terms of services.
  12. Add new page into your site
  13. Install new language if you want to have more than 1 language.
  14. Domain mapping
  15. Upgrade your existing mooSocial cloud plan to new plan
  16. Setup email of “contact us” form
  17. Purchase and install new plugins + themes
  18. Manage menu
  19. Layout Manager
  20. Add Adsense Ads Widget
  21. Change color of the theme
  22. Create your own custom landing page, error page…. using magic page plugin.

Configure these plugins if you buy those

For more documents, please check our help center here

Last Updated On December 31, 2021