• F.A.Q

    FAQ plugin

    FAQ plugin allows you to provide the users with a well-designed and informative FAQ section, which can significantly decrease the amount of user inquiries on various issues. FAQs usually contain a large amount of questions/answers on various topics. When the number of questions is big enough, it is necessary to organize them for the easier navigation and user-friendliness. For that very reason, FAQ plugin allows creating different categories to be able to organize the questions accordingly, including searching possibility for even simpler use. In addition, standard categories (e.g. an existing post category) can also be included in the set of FAQ categories.

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  • Profile Review

    Profile Rating

    This mooSocial Profile Rating plugin allows mooSocial users to rate each others profile and can see the average rate of someones profile . It seamlessly integrates into existing profile verify plugin to allow member can auto get profile verified badge based on rating from other members.

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  • User Badges

    User Badges

    The User Badges module allows each user to be assigned ‘badge’ which will be displayed at user profile page and profile popup. User Badges can be used as a way to establish trust, or as an incentive for users. They can also be a quick way to identify moderators, administrators, or anyone with a given role. Badge can be attached to a role by the administrator so that, for example, all users in the ‘admin’ role will show the ‘Administrator’ badge.

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  • Resume

    Resume Plugin

    Resume plugin is a necessary “out-of-the-box” solution for community members to showcasing a summary of their skills, abilities, credentials and accomplishments. It is a good plugin for any niche social networks catering for all business sectors.

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  • Statistic

    Statistics Plugin

    mooSocial Statistics plugin is a comprehensive plugin for your mooSocial network owner to track statistics for your mooSocial site without depending on external services and uses arrogate data whenever possible to respect your users privacy. On screen statistics presented as graphs are easily viewed through the mooSocial admin interface.

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  • Property

    Property Listings

    Property Listings is one of the most dynamic and feature rich Real Estate plugin for mooSocial. An easy to use plugin that provides the needed functions to configure a dynamic real estate website in minutes. Packed with many features letting you create real estate websites fast.

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  • Quiz

    Quiz plugin

    Quiz is a plugin of mooSocial that allows you easily create the multiple choice questions for many purposes, such as teaching, blogging, advertising and etc.

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  • Photo Contest

    Voting Contest

    The Voting Contest plugin gives you the ability to quickly and seamlessly integrate an online photo contest into your niche social network website. Use Photo Contest plugin to engage a large number of potential members to visit and sign up to your social website. Contestants will share their Entries with family and friends to gain more votes, it will increase traffic on your site.

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  • Profile spotlight

    Profile Spotlight plugin

    Profile Spotlight is a tool that helps your users can boost their popularity by putting their profile photo with profile link at the top of the page so everyone in the community can see it instantly. It is a must have tool whether your site is a dating, adults….

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  • mooSpace

    mooSpace Theme

    mooSpace is mySpace inspired theme especially with its horizontal scroll. You have maximum control over your One Page Layout which is super cool, because you can only really do that in a horizontally scrolling design!

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  • mooOrigin

    mooOrigin Landing Page

    mooOrigin’s goal is to help you build unique and modern websites fast, easy and with the lowest cost possible. With mooOrigin you can create many unique style websites for differends needs and purposes….

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  • ning user importer

    Ning to mooSocial Migration Service

    Unable to import your users from Ning to mooSocial? If Yes then please purchase our “Ning to mooSocial Migration” service. We will be happy to help you.

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  • Virtual Gift

    Virtual Gifts Plugin

    Monetize your Social Network! Reward your members for posting social media content and interaction with each others though the Credit Plugins. Then users can also spend their credit via Virtual Gifts addons which allows them to send Virtual Gifts to friends on Birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Christmas… to engage in social interaction.  Gifts can be free or priced by points and not only a photo, but also a video or even a music.

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  • mommy&baby

    The Mommy & Baby Theme

    If you run a social network for mommy and baby or intent to create such a network, The Mommy & Baby Theme is just for you. Its intuitive layout and colors are ideal ideal for girly mommy oriented social or any social network wanting to appeal to a more feminine audience.

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  • mooPinterset

    mooPinterest Theme

    mooPinterest Inspired Landing Page is useful for social network owner who wish to build social network like pinterest. It saves time for the very first step to create attractive landing page in order to focus more your main function like pin blogs, pin feeds…

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  • Timeline

    mooTimeline Theme

    mooTimeline theme is minimal theme for mooSocial. We adapt the normal feeds layout into to a unique Timeline Style on the landing page. mooTime theme is also mobile friendly that help mooSocial Network owner to create a modern and unique look that attract more users.

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  • mooTube

    mooTube Background Theme

    mooTube is a minimally designed theme for mooSocial network owner that supports both full-screen images and video Youtube. You can easily embed a YouTube video and you’re all set. If you’re looking for something different and trendy, that’s your top choice.

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  • mooChat

    mooChat – Live Chat Solution

    mooChat is a Live Chat solution for mooSocial. Live chat capability is undoubtedly a necessary component of any social network. It allows members to converse and exchange contents in real-time. Incorporate a Live Chat system to your social network provides an added convenience to build strong and deepens members relationship while creating a competitive edge from competitors.

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  • mooX-Job

    mooX Job Theme

    mooJob Themes is great mooSocial application theme for recruitment companies, job boards and any medium to large size company that levitate social network for job listings.

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  • mooX

    mooX Template

    mooX theme is multi-purpose theme that fit all kinds of social network from general network to education, business and hobby social. It has modern full width landing page and the ability to customize easily.

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  • indeed job

    Indeed Job Importer plugin

    Indeed Job Importer is a mooSocial Plugin for Indeed API to get all the latest jobs from It’s super fast and lightweight + you can even make money with their Indeed Publisher Program! (All jobs will link through to Indeed with your affiliate link)

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  • mooUni

    mooUniversity Template

    University mooSocial theme is great for Education Institute, Events and courses niche social network. This education theme is feature-rich but very easy to use. It comes with lots of features that a modern mooSocial education theme need to have. Some of those features include: responsive design, Facebook & Google Plus integration, Event Management, …

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  • mooRecipes

    mooCooking Template

    mooCooking is a mooSocial template for network owner want to build culinary network. It provides catching landing page which is a medium that links the culinary world together.

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  • slider

    Slideshow Plugin

    Slideshow is high quality responsive plugin that provides an easy way to integrate slideshows into mooSocial based social network site. You can create and use as many slideshows as you’d like, with different images, settings and styles for each one of them.

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