• petlover

    Petlover Theme

    If you are a Pet Lover running a niche social network for other pet lovers, pets and pet owners then this theme is for you.

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  • light-theme

    Bright Theme

    Brighten and update the layout of your mooSocial network site with the Free Bright Theme.

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  • Darktheme

    Dark Theme

    Prefer a darker look for your mooSocial network site? This free Dark Theme might be what you need.

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  • xmastheme

    Christmas Theme

    Bring the Festivity Spirits to your social network website with this FREE Christmas Theme. This free theme an appreciation token from mooSocial to you and your members. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

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  • grandopening3

    Grand Opening

    Grand Opening plugin is designed especially as a “Coming Soon” landing page for new communities. It is convenience when you could park your domain with an attractive landing page while being able to launch your social network in closed beta mode.

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  • livenews-icon

    Live News

    Help your members discover new and interesting news, things that matters to your community and members first. Live News is a RSS aggregator plugin for mooSocial. It is capable to aggregates thousands of blogs, newspaper, news organizations, and online magazines around the web and delivers trending and interesting content to your mooSocial site almost instantaneously. Member will no longer need to leave your social network to read on what important to them most. Keep your members on your site longer and increase interactions on your social network with Live News.

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  • folder-document-icon

    Document Plugin

    Document plugin for mooSocial allows members of your social network website to easily share various types of documents with each other. It supports most document types such as .docx, .pptx, .xls, .txt, .pdf, etc… Members can chose to download or view shared document directly on your social network via Scribd service without the need for additional plugin or software.

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  • mooplus

    mooPlus (Google Plus Inspired Theme)

    mooPlus is a simple, modern “Retina Ready” theme for mooSocial inspired by Google+. Check out mooPlus if you want a stylish, trendy, while usable and clean theme for your social network sites. Featuring “2 columns” layout for Newsfeed to offer a refreshed new look of the Home, Profile, Event and Group pages. Many other parts have also been restyled such as hidden menu, listing pages to maintain the trendy look of this theme (see screenshots).

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  • description-text

    moobook (Facebook Inspired Theme)

    moobook is a mobile-friendly, retina ready theme for mooSocial. It is a “facebook” inspired theme which offers your site a simplistic contemporary new look.moobook is responsive web design theme, meaning it will work well and look good on all devices

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  • back-soundcloud3


    SoundCloud plugin offers users of social network sites using mooSocial a convenient solution to share a single SoundCloud track or a playlist.

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  • ScrollToTop-Logo

    Scroll To Top Plugin

    Provide users with an easy way to quickly scroll back to the top of the page if your mooSocial site have long content pages.

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